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What is Hydrotherapy?

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Hydrotherapy is the application of warm water and its properties from hydrostatic pressure to resistance. On land, each paw placement creates a shock wave which travels up the limb and is absorbed through bones and tendons and joints. These stresses are necessary to maintain healthy, strong bones but if severe or repetitive, these shock waves can damage or weaken the limb, This is especially the case for an arthritic joint or one recovering from injury or surgery.

Hydrotherapy allows “a safe workout” whilst strengthening all of the muscles and avoiding the land stresses which encourages muscles to work harder than they’re required to on land.

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Conditions Hydrotherapy can Help:

· Cruciate ligament injuries

· Arthritis

· Hip and elbow dysplasia

· Spinal and nerve conditions

· Orthopaedic conditions or injuries

· Muscle atrophy

· Obesity

· Cardiovascular performance and fitness

· Mental wellbeing

Hydrotherapy can benefit these conditions by:

· Decreasing pain and relieving discomfort

· Improving circulation

· Strengthening muscles

· Reducing inflammation around affected joints and tissues

· Relieving compensatory limb tension

· Assisting mobility and flexibility

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